A College Radio DJ’s Blog 7/23/13

Classes start in a few weeks. So how many of us are planning to be broke within that first few weeks because of all those books? Or how many just added a few more thousand dollars to their debt wallet? I DID!

Besides the typical college student worries, there are a few cool things happening just as students flock back to campus.

Wake UP! Presented by Sin at the Wake Compound in Valdosta is hosting a concert with tons of bands on August 16th. It should be pretty fun! Not only will people be wake boarding, but there will be tons of live music and awesome people.

90.9 has been gaining a few new friends around town. We have a graphic artist friend who made some awesome flyers for us! Those will be posted soon. Some bands from around the region have also been asking to be put on rotation. WE’RE GETTING OURSELVES OUT THERE, FOLKS!

And then here’s another thing that is coming up soon:



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