Top 5 Love Songs

In the spirit of Valentine’s day weekend!
According to Top 50 love songs of all time..The top five are as follows:
1. “Endless Love” Diana Ross and Lionel Riche (1981)
2. “Ill make love to you” Boys 2 Men (1994)
3. “We found love” Rihanna ft Calvin Harris (2011)
4. “How deep is your love” Bee Gees (1977)
5. “Silly Love Songs” Wings (1976)

All five of these love songs managed to stay number one on the billboards for weeks at a time. The releases of these songs range from 1976-2011. The invention of throwbacks make these songs timeless.If you don’t know a song on the list take a few minutes to listen and enjoy a great love song. Its believed that through these songs love still conquers all.

-Jamesia Hammond

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