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Hey everyone! Guess what?!

Our annual BLAZEFEST is near!

This Saturday (April 26, 2014) on Valdosta State University‘s front lawn we will be having a FREE music festival. That’s right… FREE!

This appeals to everyone of all ages but especially our Valdosta State University students! We want you guys to come out, enjoy music from local artists, and have fun!

Not only will we have local artists, but we will also have organizations from all backgrounds there!

It’s one HUGE event you do not want to miss as a VSU student!

Let’s rock out and have FUN!


How It Feels To DJ

My name is Kanilyia Grimes and I am currently a radio DJ for WVVS 90.9 BlazeFM! This is my first semester doing so and I must say it is really easy. I personally thought it was going to be so hard because I compared it to the popular mainstream radio stations but I learned fairly quickly everything I needed to do. I only trained for about 2 weeks and I was ready to go on-air. During training you go on-air once and I believe at that point that’s when your nerves kick in. But as soon as you go on-air for the first time, any time after that is a piece of cake. I really love working for the station and I believe this is going to give me a great opportunity to be successful in the work field!

operation board!

operation board!