New Music – The Kut and The Jones Rival

Hey All

Blaze FM receives many music submissions on the daily. From rock to hip hop, we got it! Recently, we went over some music submissions and pleasantly found that we got some international stuff filling your ears all the way from across the pond in England AND, if you want to take a leap across the lake, Australia.

Check out The Kut from London and The Jones Rival from Australia. Both bands are alternative rock, each with their own flare of  “in your face, I don’t care what you think” personality.


1. An all girl band. That’s hot.

2. Their Facebook profile says that their genre is basement rock. Thats hotter. Nothing says fun that a basement party underneath mom and dad’s home in a quiet little English neighborhood. I’m being serious.

3. It’s a three piece band. Maha (cool name, dude) is vocals/guitar. Alison is bass. And Amanda is drums. Would like to point out that Maha has blue hair.

Just check out their Facebook. They simply look awesome. Like 80’s awesome. Anyways, if you’re looking for some lady power beats to break up with your boyfriend or girlfriend with, or dance, or grab your crush and make out with, we put their upbeat, heavy bass and guitar song Mario on our rotation.

“Marioooooooo, it’s the little things, in my head.”


1. Dude, I’m gonna go surfing. That or go skateboarding and be a force to be reckoned with on the boardwalk in SoCal. Or Australia, since that’s where they’re from. That about sums up their music. And we love it.

2. This is the kind of band that you jump around on the beach to or bop your head to in the car with your friends on a sunny afternoon day by the water. Oh and they’re from Sydney so that makes sense. It’s a four piece band. Adam does vocals and guitar. Evan does guitar. Shaun does drums. And Lanky does bass and vocals. I like the name Lanky.

3. Facebook says that their genre is garage rock pop. The vocals attached to Adam and Lanky however tells me that their genre needs to be beach rock pop. Like every time I play it, I feel as if I should be in Pacsun, which is a good thing. It’s definitely going on my list called “Highly recommend to have fun to.” We put their new single, Uncle Frank, up on rotation. It’s def worth turning an ear to.

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