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The Invisible World


Ohmagerd. These guys. The Invisible World.

Guys, I’m seriously rabid-fan-girling right now. If you like Kings of Leon, you’ll love these guys, especially their song Better Man. OHMAGERD ALMIGHTY!

The alternative vibe they got going on, their location (Kansas City), the guitar. AND THOSE LEAD VOCALS.


The Invisible World used to be known as A Dead Giveaway and they’ve been around for over ten years. And what? WVVS Blaze FM is NOW just getting one of their albums in our submissions mail? These guys will definitely be on our rotation tonight. Their music definitely reminds me of this past summer. Love, fun, work, relaxing. That one person that always chills with you at the house when you’re too broke to go to the bars.

The current EP that the station has is Welcome to the Invisible World. It’s a five track EP that has got me all up in my feels. I’m listening to it on replay right now. Listen to the lyrics as well. Reminds me of growing up, falling in love, and…those vocals really got me loving life right now. And not many vocals and lyrics can make me jump up and dance around – slow or fast dancing, doesn’t matter. The Invisible World is definitely on my “Station Manager’s Shuffle.”

For more information about this band, check out their page:

Shayne Leighton’s “Invincible”

Shayne Leighton. AND SHE’S A BEST SELLING AUTHOR?!!?? She sings cool rock music AND she writes vampire novels.

Yo, Claire here. To begin with, I’m queen at multitasking. I’m training our new Alternative Music Director, blogging, facebooking, AND eating. Go me. I mean there’s not much I can do outside. It’s hot. And it’s raining outside. It’s somewhat gloomy because of the rain as well. But at the same time, the dark clouds outside and the distant thunder goes very well with Shayne Leighton’s song “Invincible.” The heavy guitar and very clear lyrics that tell you to go out and stand up for yourself against all odds makes me want to run through the rain and be victorious should I not get insanely wet.

OR…we can just get straight to the point and say that her music is tastefully associated with her vampire novels.

“We cannot fight to be innocent. Stand up and face the enemy. It’s a do or die situation. We will be invincible”

I’m going to be playing “Invincible” in my head while I read her work.

But, putting all funnies aside, it’s a good song. Shayne has that female voice that would make anyone want to go out and do something great. Be a hero, you know? And her voice is very soothing yet well rounded.

“We got the right to be angry. What are we running for?”

And now I am putting the book down and associate her music with other subjects. To be honest, and this is coming from my knowledge of the women and genders studies program here at Valdosta State University, this song would be perfect for the Vagina Monologues that take place here every Spring semester on campus. That or it would be perfect for the events that focus on physical, sexual, and emotional abuse and the goal to spread the awareness of those problems in our society.

All in all, it’s a very good song to lift your spirits and stand up for yourself. Now excuse me while I go run in the rain or find a cute vampire lover. Go check out Shayne Leighton! The song is to be released on August 12, 2014.