Fall Semester SAY WAH?!

Yo. FALL SEMESTER BEGINS THIS MONDAY! ohmagerd. Make sure to read the end of the blog post. It’s deep as getting a spoon stuck in a jar of peanut butter.
I realize that many students are excited. I, on the other hand, am tad bit sad. You see, I graduate in December, thus this past summer was my LAST summer as a student EVER because I don’t plan on pursuing a Masters. I, my friends, am going to jump into the big pond and get a big girl radio job. Hopefully. Any takers for me? I’m kinda cool, I promise.
Anyways, summer is over and school is going to be in session, which means only one good thing at least: RADIO. Our college radio DJs are back and they’re ready to give you a taste of college lingo that no parent wants to hear (but is still legal within FCC guidelines, thank you). We have a lovely staff, many of them rookie dis, which is always a good thing because they can grow together, learn from each other, and develop radio personality talents with each other. Just ask Erin and I. We started out as rookies together and developed very distinct personalities from one another. My wish is that one day, these DJs will become close with each other like the current officers and myself. I have great faith in this round of personality.

Speaking of officers! Meet the lineup for the Fall 2014 semester!

Claire Contevita (that’s me, yo): Station Manager
Erin Ellis: Urban Music Director, pretty much the unofficial VP if we had such a title
Morgan Matthews: Promotional Director, future CEO of something cool and businesslike
Frank Amoroso: Alternative Music Director, massive CD scouter. Quite Interesting.
Nick Gillis: Production Director, upcoming SM, G-ROQUE IN THE HOUSE.

I’m tempted to put up selfies of ourselves, but you can just check out our Facebook pages and creep on from there.

Every semester, college students want to start over. Do better. Reach more goals. Grow as adults. The radio station wants to do the same. We want to do better. Reach more goals. Grow as a station and adapt to the changing times of society in a technological and social age.

Oh…here’s a cool rant (and you may argue with me for the sake of a good conversation):

In a time of technological innovation and a wave of online social media super industry, one would think that we are connecting more than ever. Although we are “connecting” online more than we did ten years ago, we are by no means “social.” We sit behind a computer, tablet, phone, damn even a television now with “live” playing on game consoles. We are not socializing physically like humans used to do ten years ago. We’re always behind an object that makes the connection for us. Like radio personalities. We connect with our audiences. But by no means socialize. For many of you, we’ve met through the airwaves (or by email if you catch me in my business mode).
And this will be my goal for WVVS Blaze FM 90.9. We will strive to connect and socialize with our audiences outside of the radio station and not just behind a mic. We want to know our audiences and be friendly and all that peace, love, and happiness stuff. We have to. For Robin Williams, you know?

Welcome to class and happy blazing, yo.