Music Artist Highlight: Geena Fontanella

YO! What do you get when you mix Katy Perry and her colorful hair and Zedd. And then add in summer 2014?


Her pop vocals, some EDM influence, and a twist of dancing at a summer EDM music festival all adds up to one very happy college radio rotation this evening. At Blaze FM, we’ve been trying to form a dance genre for our listeners and Geena is perfect for such a cause. I decided to throw in three songs of Geena’s: Fight Again, Lose Control, and Dance Til We Die.

And it’s definitely different from what we usually play – alternative rock, indie, hip hop and some country. Now we do have some pop and a hint of trap somewhere in our rotation, but Geena’s music is the first in our “DANCE” playlist and we hope that we get to receive many more submissions for our dance playlist.

This is perfect timing for us, too, as we just gave away two tickets to IMF in Atlanta! So thanks, Geena, for being the first artist in our dance category. We just played you bee tee dubs at our top of the hour!

Everyone check out her Facebook page. She’s the girl with the purple streak in her hair. Which explains her About section obviously which simply states “Painting a town in a different color.” Her music definitely added in a bright color to our station.

Oh and dude, check out those pugs on her Facebook page. Too adorable. This last statement has nothing to do with her music. I just like pugs, too.

Well, I hope everyone enjoyed their first day back to college! Freshmen, don’t go too crazy. The first thirsty thursday is coming up in a few days and we don’t need to mess up the first week of the semester now do we. Study hard and listen to Blaze FM! Request Geena Fontanella, too.

Much love, Claire