The Happening, Chubby’s Chicken, and IMF


Yo, The Happening 2014 was indeed happening. And it was hot, too! For those of you that missed out, you really missed out an some super sweet deals and free stuff. And for those of you who don’t understand the point of The Happening, The Happening is supposed to showcase all the organizations that VSU has to offer! From Freshmen who really want those free pens and buttons to upperclassmen looking for an extracurricular activity to do, The Happening is HAPPENING for everyone’s benefit. AND there were a lot of local Valdosta businesses as well getting to know VSU and it’s students.

Blaze FM had fun too! This was Production Director Nick Gillis’ first time running our tent at The Happening, and from my point of view, he did very well. Kept most of our free merch organized, recorded some students giggling over saying “GET BLAZED WITH BLAZE FM!” And he even managed to squeeze in some time to flirt with the ladies.

If you didn’t stop by our tent, then you missed out big time, man. We got them pens. Them water bottles. Them band stickers. Them homemade magnets (Asian Martha Stewart Style), and (if you were a cute girl), Nick passed out the last of our tshirts. We also had Blaze FM posters, some merch from local artists such as Oddly Known, AND YOU COULD HAVE BEEN ON AIR. But, and this is according to Nick, you had to go meet up with Bae.

Personally, I find that you were just nervous. It’s okay if you mess up now. But if Bae said to go get free food a few tents over, you gotta do what the Bae says.





BAE-ed Spasanga

If you have multiple Bae’s, assigning a food to them would be smart, just in case you sent the wrong text to the wrong Bae. Just saying.

AND THEN THE #ALSICEBUCKETCHALLENGE HAPPENED! VSU’s The Spectator nominated us and OnTap magazine to do the challenge. WELL DID IT! HAH! And I, as Station Manager, had the lovely honor of dumping ice cold water on Nick Gillis’ and DJ personality Jess’ heads. It was quite refreshing for me after running around all day. AND A HUMONGOUS THANK YOU GOES OUT TO CHUBBY’S CHICKEN FOR BEING SO GENEROUS AND SUPPLYING US WITH COLD CLEAN WATER. We really appreciate it and it’s alway a pleasure eating dinner at 2AM at such a restaurant when Remerton shuts down. Seriously, y’all. The chicken is good. They’re located on Baytree Rd, just a walk away from campus.


And to tie in music!

IMF in Atlanta is taking place THIS WEEKEND! Your top EDM artists taking over a good chunk of the city to play for you the best electronic music to date! And we did a ticket giveaway with the IMF sponsor IRIS PRESENTS. VSU student Gabby Granda won TWO tickets to IMF. The girl deserves it. She lives and breathes summer music festivals. LEH GO!

As I am posting this, it is now funky Friday. Everyone, please enjoy and be safe this Labor Day weekend!