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A College Radio DJ’s Blog 7/23/13

Classes start in a few weeks. So how many of us are planning to be broke within that first few weeks because of all those books? Or how many just added a few more thousand dollars to their debt wallet? I DID!

Besides the typical college student worries, there are a few cool things happening just as students flock back to campus.

Wake UP! Presented by Sin at the Wake Compound in Valdosta is hosting a concert with tons of bands on August 16th. It should be pretty fun! Not only will people be wake boarding, but there will be tons of live music and awesome people.

90.9 has been gaining a few new friends around town. We have a graphic artist friend who made some awesome flyers for us! Those will be posted soon. Some bands from around the region have also been asking to be put on rotation. WE’RE GETTING OURSELVES OUT THERE, FOLKS!

And then here’s another thing that is coming up soon:



A College Radio DJ’s Blog 6/27/13

A College Radio DJ’s Blog 6/27/13
Erin and her free Blazefest 2013 tshirt!

Did you know that we have special callers?

Did you know that we have special listeners?

Did you know that we will have a contest called “Find Blaze.”

Through these three facts, YOU could win prize packs (don’t get too worked up, they’re just little gift baggies with cute little stuff that will most likely end up in the junk bin).

If you call in at a certain time while a DJ is on air, YOU might just win a little prize pack!

AND if you show up at the events we babble about, YOU could be a special listener because you actually listened to us and showed up! And this is our way of showing our appreciation for you!

The Local Eclectic and DJ Erin will be participating in such an idea. So listen up when they go on air. Details to come soon!

A College Radio DJ’s Blog 6/19/2013

photo-3Uh hello? We got bumper stickers! So contact us and ask for one so you can slap one right on your car’s booty!I only had ordered ten as a first batch for testing their popularity. I had assumed that buying ten would be enough to cover the station’s inner circle and then buy more upon request. But oh no, people wanted more. [Smiley Face]. Now I am thinking about buying more bumper stickers. So if you want one, let Claire our promotions director know!

A part from bumper stickers, our promotions director is planning to put together prize packs for radio listeners. Listeners can win these prize packs through winning contests, showing lots of support for the station, and showing up to our on location events.

Gifts that will be included in these prize packs will include:

Bumpa stickas! Sick pens, possible local band CDs, non itchy cotton shirts, earbuds (for the very lucky winners), bracelets, nerf gun darts (courtesy of claire), and much more!

So listen in more, we may got all the cool shiz for you!

A College Radio DJ’s Blog

A College Radio DJ’s Blog


ecc723b2b3dc46f5911a8a3b962bb6a1COMING SOON!

Since most of our DJ personalities are gone for the summer, our radio blog focusing on college radio life won’t be the hippest out there online. However, we will be blogging about once a week during the summer about our adventures of trying to making 90.9 the best college radio station in Georgia!

Then during the fall and spring school semesters, that’s when DJ’s will be all up in here expressing themselves on this blog!

So please stay with us as we evolve into a better station!



Free Blazefest T-Shirts

Big thanks to Claire Contevita and Erin Ellis for giving out Blazefest shirts that were leftover from Blazefest.


Blazefest 2013

Check out all these awesome photos from Blazefest 2013.


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Visitation Days

Thanks to all the staff that volunteered on this special day to welcome prospective students to VSU and inform them on the life of college radio.


Thanks to all you students who showed interest, we hope to see you in the future.

Visitation Day 2013


DJ Erin Ellis is Blaze FM’s Visitation Day coordinator informing students of college radio duties and events.