The Invisible World


Ohmagerd. These guys. The Invisible World.

Guys, I’m seriously rabid-fan-girling right now. If you like Kings of Leon, you’ll love these guys, especially their song Better Man. OHMAGERD ALMIGHTY!

The alternative vibe they got going on, their location (Kansas City), the guitar. AND THOSE LEAD VOCALS.


The Invisible World used to be known as A Dead Giveaway and they’ve been around for over ten years. And what? WVVS Blaze FM is NOW just getting one of their albums in our submissions mail? These guys will definitely be on our rotation tonight. Their music definitely reminds me of this past summer. Love, fun, work, relaxing. That one person that always chills with you at the house when you’re too broke to go to the bars.

The current EP that the station has is Welcome to the Invisible World. It’s a five track EP that has got me all up in my feels. I’m listening to it on replay right now. Listen to the lyrics as well. Reminds me of growing up, falling in love, and…those vocals really got me loving life right now. And not many vocals and lyrics can make me jump up and dance around – slow or fast dancing, doesn’t matter. The Invisible World is definitely on my “Station Manager’s Shuffle.”

For more information about this band, check out their page:


Shayne Leighton’s “Invincible”

Shayne Leighton. AND SHE’S A BEST SELLING AUTHOR?!!?? She sings cool rock music AND she writes vampire novels.

Yo, Claire here. To begin with, I’m queen at multitasking. I’m training our new Alternative Music Director, blogging, facebooking, AND eating. Go me. I mean there’s not much I can do outside. It’s hot. And it’s raining outside. It’s somewhat gloomy because of the rain as well. But at the same time, the dark clouds outside and the distant thunder goes very well with Shayne Leighton’s song “Invincible.” The heavy guitar and very clear lyrics that tell you to go out and stand up for yourself against all odds makes me want to run through the rain and be victorious should I not get insanely wet.

OR…we can just get straight to the point and say that her music is tastefully associated with her vampire novels.

“We cannot fight to be innocent. Stand up and face the enemy. It’s a do or die situation. We will be invincible”

I’m going to be playing “Invincible” in my head while I read her work.

But, putting all funnies aside, it’s a good song. Shayne has that female voice that would make anyone want to go out and do something great. Be a hero, you know? And her voice is very soothing yet well rounded.

“We got the right to be angry. What are we running for?”

And now I am putting the book down and associate her music with other subjects. To be honest, and this is coming from my knowledge of the women and genders studies program here at Valdosta State University, this song would be perfect for the Vagina Monologues that take place here every Spring semester on campus. That or it would be perfect for the events that focus on physical, sexual, and emotional abuse and the goal to spread the awareness of those problems in our society.

All in all, it’s a very good song to lift your spirits and stand up for yourself. Now excuse me while I go run in the rain or find a cute vampire lover. Go check out Shayne Leighton! The song is to be released on August 12, 2014.






Hang on. Whenever anything starts with “yo,” just know it’s probably me talking/typing. Me equals Claire.


Yo. So EDM, also known as Electronic Dance Music if you want to be difficult, has been surging up up and up in popularity amongst pop culture and music. You got SXSW, EDC, ULTRA, LOLLAPALOOZA, DAYGLOW etc etc. Just google it and there’s probably a festival near YOU.

A summer full of festivals for you and your friends to get crazy at.

And of course you need a festival to be the grand finale to end summer yes? How about…

IMAGINE MUSIC FESTIVAL in Atlanta. It’s on August 30-31st. TWO WHOLE DAYS OF EDM! And its in Atlanta too and word on the social media street is that ATL has been pretty cool for raves and rages and all that stuff. I myself really want to go. It looks like my kinda party. But WVVS Blaze FM wants you to go, too! That’s why, thanks to Iris Presents, we have TWO tickets to giveaway for IMAGINE MUSIC FESTIVAL! EEEEK!

Just go to Facebook.com/WVVSValdosta, send us a message telling us WHY you deserve two tickets to IMF and what it means to get blazed with Blaze FM. We don’t want a novel but hey, the funnier the better.

Here are some links to check out for more information (say that with a french accent) about IMF and ze lineup!







New Music – The Kut and The Jones Rival

Hey All

Blaze FM receives many music submissions on the daily. From rock to hip hop, we got it! Recently, we went over some music submissions and pleasantly found that we got some international stuff filling your ears all the way from across the pond in England AND, if you want to take a leap across the lake, Australia.

Check out The Kut from London and The Jones Rival from Australia. Both bands are alternative rock, each with their own flare of  “in your face, I don’t care what you think” personality.


1. An all girl band. That’s hot.

2. Their Facebook profile says that their genre is basement rock. Thats hotter. Nothing says fun that a basement party underneath mom and dad’s home in a quiet little English neighborhood. I’m being serious.

3. It’s a three piece band. Maha (cool name, dude) is vocals/guitar. Alison is bass. And Amanda is drums. Would like to point out that Maha has blue hair.

Just check out their Facebook. They simply look awesome. Like 80’s awesome. Anyways, if you’re looking for some lady power beats to break up with your boyfriend or girlfriend with, or dance, or grab your crush and make out with, we put their upbeat, heavy bass and guitar song Mario on our rotation.

“Marioooooooo, it’s the little things, in my head.”


1. Dude, I’m gonna go surfing. That or go skateboarding and be a force to be reckoned with on the boardwalk in SoCal. Or Australia, since that’s where they’re from. That about sums up their music. And we love it.

2. This is the kind of band that you jump around on the beach to or bop your head to in the car with your friends on a sunny afternoon day by the water. Oh and they’re from Sydney so that makes sense. It’s a four piece band. Adam does vocals and guitar. Evan does guitar. Shaun does drums. And Lanky does bass and vocals. I like the name Lanky.

3. Facebook says that their genre is garage rock pop. The vocals attached to Adam and Lanky however tells me that their genre needs to be beach rock pop. Like every time I play it, I feel as if I should be in Pacsun, which is a good thing. It’s definitely going on my list called “Highly recommend to have fun to.” We put their new single, Uncle Frank, up on rotation. It’s def worth turning an ear to.

Here are some photos from Blazefest 2014!

Check out more photos on our Facebook page! https://www.facebook.com/WVVSValdosta

Vinyl Record Surfing

If someone walked into the station right now, like at this very instant, burst through our two security doors and through the office, they would find a normal Blaze FM situation. Rizal, our altnernative music director, took it upon himself to go through our boxes and boxes and boxes and boxes and boxes and boxes of OLD vinyl. Not that stuff that is made today. You know, current music that is recorded digitally and then “backtracked” onto vinyl. I’m talking about LEGIT vinyl, dude. LEGIT. There are three other guys in the radio station. They’re not DJs, and as station manager, I’m honestly paying them no attention for a few reasons: 1 – They’re not in a band so I can’t use my radio charm to talk to them about music. 2 – They’re in the middle of playing Magic all over my office floor so I further cannot bother them while they’re concentrating on magical stuff. 3 – I feel like I’m intimidating them because I am a girl. They’re ignoring me. Even after I said hello. 4 – I’m way too busy staring at them because they remind me of the characters from The Big Bang Theory. And then there is the music. Music is always playing in this part of the building. Duh. But rather than the radio playing, Rizal decided to whip out the good old Audio-Technica record player and play some Thad Jones and Mel Lewis and their “Suite for Pops.”

For those that don’t understand what that means at first, like me for instance, the moment they see the album title, it means JAZZ. Plus, there’s a sticker on the cover that reads “Jazz is on the Horizon: The greatest big band in the world in a musical tribute to Louis Armstong.” This record was recorded between 1972 and 1975. As a DJ, holding something this real and classic, especially something as important for the music industry in the 60’s and 70’s as vinyl was back then, I feel nostalgic. I know, why would I feel nostalgic? I’m a 22 year old college radio DJ who grew up in the 90’s and 00’s. The hype of vinyl was WAY before my time. But you see, vinyl is coming back. Kids my age are investing in record players and vinyl of classic and modern music quality. As a kid who loves music, vinyl is freakin’ cool because it’s different. It’s not an mp3. It’s definitely not a CD. And it’s not a tape. It’s this huge flat disc that one must take care of PROPERLY. Plus the cover artwork is absolutely ah-mazing.

Update: Rizal can’t find the classic rock. He’s still immersed in the boxes of jazz and jazz and jazz.

Long story short: As a radio DJ in her twenties, playing vinyl is more than just “listening to music in it’s purer tone.” Playing vinyl reminds me of the musical artists, audio engineers, and music itself that started a spiral of events and music history that contributed to why I am a DJ. It’s like I’m around my grandparents. Because if it weren’t for grandparents and parents, I wouldn’t be around. Weird…I know but it’s the same with music. If it weren’t for vinyl and these musicians from the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s, I wouldn’t have the chance of working with the current bands and musicians today.
Update: Rizal has found the 80’s rock vinyl in the music storage room. Time to put on some DAWN PATROL.







Hey everyone! Guess what?!

Our annual BLAZEFEST is near!

This Saturday (April 26, 2014) on Valdosta State University‘s front lawn we will be having a FREE music festival. That’s right… FREE!

This appeals to everyone of all ages but especially our Valdosta State University students! We want you guys to come out, enjoy music from local artists, and have fun!

Not only will we have local artists, but we will also have organizations from all backgrounds there!

It’s one HUGE event you do not want to miss as a VSU student!

Let’s rock out and have FUN!


Top 5 Love Songs

In the spirit of Valentine’s day weekend!
According to www.billboard.com Top 50 love songs of all time..The top five are as follows:
1. “Endless Love” Diana Ross and Lionel Riche (1981)
2. “Ill make love to you” Boys 2 Men (1994)
3. “We found love” Rihanna ft Calvin Harris (2011)
4. “How deep is your love” Bee Gees (1977)
5. “Silly Love Songs” Wings (1976)

All five of these love songs managed to stay number one on the billboards for weeks at a time. The releases of these songs range from 1976-2011. The invention of throwbacks make these songs timeless.If you don’t know a song on the list take a few minutes to listen and enjoy a great love song. Its believed that through these songs love still conquers all.

-Jamesia Hammond


2014 is going to be a big year for us! We are currently training new DJs and we have a lineup of fresh, cool music! Stay tuned!

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