Q & A

Will you get paid as a DJ for WVVS? DJing at WVVS is non-profit for DJs. Officers do get paid.

Who is the station advisor? Professor Michael Taylor is the station manager.

Where are you located? We are located in Hopper Hall on the first floor next to The Spectator and across from Student Housing.

How far can the station frequency reach? We are currently in the process of trying to reach residences as far at 25 miles rather than our current 5 to 10.

What program do you use to broadcast? We use imediatouch

Is 90.9 Blaze FM a commercial radio station? No. We are a commercial free radio station belonging to Valdosta State University.

What kind of music do you play? We play Alternative Rock, Indie, Gospel, Hardcore, Folk, Dubstep, EDM, Hip-Hop, R&B, Rap, Pop and we just added Country.

What major events is the station involved with? Blazefest, CBI conferences, and The Happening.

As a student, what can I learn from radio? You can learn so much! You will learn how to promote and manage effectively, create and record liners and legal IDs (using Audition and ProTools), operate a control board, play with Adobe products like Audition and Photoshop, make video, adlib, and talk to an invisible audience with ease. But most importantly, you’ll learn to appreciate all kinds of music!



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