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ecc723b2b3dc46f5911a8a3b962bb6a1COMING SOON!

Since most of our DJ personalities are gone for the summer, our radio blog focusing on college radio life won’t be the hippest out there online. However, we will be blogging about once a week during the summer about our adventures of trying to making 90.9 the best college radio station in Georgia!

Then during the fall and spring school semesters, that’s when DJ’s will be all up in here expressing themselves on this blog!

So please stay with us as we evolve into a better station!



Visitation Days

Thanks to all the staff that volunteered on this special day to welcome prospective students to VSU and inform them on the life of college radio.


Thanks to all you students who showed interest, we hope to see you in the future.

Visitation Day 2013


DJ Erin Ellis is Blaze FM’s Visitation Day coordinator informing students of college radio duties and events.