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Advising Center photoDuring spring semester 2013, the COEHS Student Advising Center (COEHS-SAC) counseled 64 freshmen placed on academic probation after attending one semester at VSU.

For the past 2 years, we held an open house in our office meeting with students individually. This year, the enrollment office decided that each college would design their own freshmen seminar and all freshmen would be required to attend. We designed an online course called College 101. Every student received a syllabus upon entering the room. This online course showed the importance of using Blazeview and the course syllabus. This course was designed to give students a first-hand experience of what they could expect. Students learned the importance of knowing who their advisor is, understanding the Academic Honesty Policies and Procedures, and using all the resources that are available to help be successful in courses.

COEHS-SAC has recently received the academic probation list for fall 2013 freshman. We were pleased that the number of freshmen on academic probation was down from 64 to 42. Since the Dewar College of Education and Human Services implemented centralized advising, the number of freshmen on probation has decreased each year. It went from 112 to 64, and then from 64 to 42.
We are happy that we are making a difference. Students and faculty are encouraged to stop by the Student Advising Center any time

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2 comments on “COEHS Student Advising Center Newsflash

  1. YEAH!!! Thanks for ALL your help!

  2. Thank you for doing what you do to help prepare our teacher candidates for success!
    Suggestion: Please emphasize the importance of reading every email we send them carefully. Some treat email as a text; they don’t take time to read it for details. Since we only meet our ECSE, ECED, and LITR courses 1/per & 1:50 for a 3 hour course, reading communications that instructors send becomes an important component of their success in our courses.
    Many thanks!! Tonja

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