USG Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives

The University System of Georgia (USG) continues to view diversity and inclusion as integral to institutional success. The underlying fundamental principle is of equal opportunity and equal treatment for all. To this end, the System strives to help USG institutions create an environment, which understands, fosters, and embraces the value of diversity and inclusion through […]

Teach Like a Pirate

Professional Development Night for all teacher candidates in the COEHS was held Monday night!  What a high-energy, interactive, and entertaining experience for all of our pre-service teacher candidates!  Administrators, mentor teachers and VSU faculty were all in attendance. The presentation was a unique blend of outrageously energetic performance art and magic, mixed with an inspirational […]

The National edTPA Implementation Conference

The edTPA Advisory Council members, Jamie Bird, Melody Fuller, Jessica Graves, and Barbie Radcliffe will be presenting at the National edTPA Implementation Conference on November 1-2, 2013 to be held in San Diego, California. Their presentation, entitled Looking back as We Move Forward: Dovetailing edTPA and CAEP, will address how Valdosta State University is preparing […]

Skunkworks project aimed at fostering innovation and creativity

The Dewar College of Education is introducing an “initiative / program” called “Skunkworks” to facilitate the submission and potential implementation of innovative/ creative ideas (including suggested solutions) within the unit. Ideas will be submitted to Mike Griffin initially for vetting and evaluation by the“Skunkworks” review committee Please begin submitting your ideas (accompanied by suggested solutions/options) immediately. Click here to access the Submissions […]


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