Open Access Textbooks

College textbooks are expensive. However, if you’d like to save your students some money next semester, then we suggest you consider adopting an open access textbook as an official resource for your course. According to Anthony Scheffler, Associate Dean for the College of Education and Human Services, “This is a movement that is gaining popularity […]

Students’ Fear of Writing

Helping Students Overcome Their Fear of Writing Most students in my developmental writing classes claim they “hate” writing. It’s a familiar refrain. But, it is less about “hate” and more about a lack of preparation in the subject area. They do not have sufficient experience… Read More Article by:  Heather Jones — (

5 Tech Savvy Teaching Tools

5 Tech Savvy Teaching Tools That Your Students Will Love and Your Peers Will Envy These fun, free web applications make it quick and easy to create cool learning content (Watch out though, other teachers will be banging down your door looking for tips)…Read More Article by: Kelly Walsh – (


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