Why Teachers and Students Should Blog

According to Shekhter, “Blogs have the potential to expand student creativity, not to mention their writing skills…” Read More Article by:  Hanna Shekhter — (

Common Practices of Effective Schools

Arguably, the most important development in K–12 education over the past decade has been the emergence of a growing number of urban schools that have been convincingly shown to have dramatic positive effects on the achievement of disadvantaged students….Read More Article by West, M.R., Gabrielie, C.F.O., Finn, A.S., Kraft, M.A., & Gabrieli, J.D.E. 2014 ( […]

Ten Things About Online Teaching

The Top 10 Things You Should Know About Teaching Online The benefits of teaching online? Simple: Flexible hours; work from almost anywhere; greater student diversity; growth industry; more control over what you teach; global network of colleagues; personalized instruction; larger pool of students; easier and cheaper to share content; small investment to get started….Read More […]

Open Access Textbooks

College textbooks are expensive. However, if you’d like to save your students some money next semester, then we suggest you consider adopting an open access textbook as an official resource for your course. According to Anthony Scheffler, Associate Dean for the College of Education and Human Services, “This is a movement that is gaining popularity […]


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