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Common Practices of Effective Schools


Arguably, the most important development in K–12 education over the past decade has been the emergence of a growing number of urban schools that have been convincingly shown to have dramatic positive effects on the achievement of disadvantaged students….Read More

Article by West, M.R., Gabrielie, C.F.O., Finn, A.S., Kraft, M.A., & Gabrieli, J.D.E. 2014 (educationnext.org)


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Study Abroad in Italy – Early Childhood and Special Education Department

The Dewar College of Education & Human Services
Offers a NEW Study Abroad Program

Study Abroad Italy2In its pilot year, May 12- June 9, 2015, From Valdosta, GA to Valle D’Aosta, Italy: Children, Culture & Cuisine – Early Childhood in Italy will afford 10 rising seniors in the Early Childhood and Special Education Department 27 days of travel to famous cities and small towns to develop intercultural and pedagogical understandings.The purpose of this faculty-led study abroad program for ECSE teacher candidates at Valdosta State University is to help refine skills of observation, learn about Italian pedagogical practices of early childhood education in an immersion setting, and to develop intercultural competencies, all important skills for educators dealing with today’s diverse classrooms. This pilot program, which includes earning 3 graduate level credits, is suitable for education majors (ECSE) entering the third professional semester, maintaining a GPA of 3.0 or higher.

Starting in our sister city in the Valle D’Aosta, deep in the Italian Alps, the program will include opportunities to experience the culture, cuisine, and educational approaches to early childhood development and education in Italy. The program includes fieldwork in local schools, observations in public spaces, and immersion into local and national culture through art, history, cuisine, and interactions with native Italians. Students will take ONE graduate course: ECED 6000 – A study of current issues and concepts in early childhood education. Through journal entries, teaching of mini-lessons, and participant observation, the program will include fieldwork at the nursery school, elementary, and middle school levels.

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LiveText Assistance – Tomorrow 10:00am


LT man

LiveText Administrators and staff will be presenting four workshops this fall to answer any questions you may have about LiveText and provide one-on-one assistance with many of the new LiveText features. The workshops will be from 10:00 am – 12:00 pm on September 19th, October 31st, November 14th, and December 5th, 2014.

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