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VSU hosts Competency-based Education Workshop

Competency Workshop PictureFaculty and Staff from Valdosta State University, University of West Georgia, and University System of Georgia participated in a Competency-based Education (CBE) Workshop hosted by VSU with support through a Georgia Department of Education Grant.  Presentations by faculty and staff from the highly successful University of Wisconsin Extension Flex Program provided valuable information on CBE development and implementation.   CBE is an alternative to the credit hour-based system of credentialing. Student progress is based on demonstration of proficiency and/or mastery as measured through assessments and/or through application of credit for prior learning. In competency based education programs, time is the variable and student competency mastery is the focus, rather than a fixed-time model where students achieve varying results. In competency based education, as distinct from competency based learning, the focus is on academic programs, practices, and policies.

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Hackathons as a New Pedagogy

Students are coming out of school expected to solve 21st-century problems and enter into occupations that haven’t even been imagined yet. Schooling is not designed in this manner, so we wanted to give students an opportunity to solve problems in authentic contexts, using 21st-century skills…. Read More

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Dept. of MFT Student, Sara Reed Awarded Prestigious GAMFT Fellowship

Sara J. Reed, 25, was recently selected by the Georgia Association for Marriage and Family Therapy to receive $750 in fellowship funds through its Christus Powell Minority Fellowship Program. Only those higher education students who show promise in and a commitment to a career in marriage and family therapy education, research, or practice are considered for this award each year.

Read VSU’s feature on Sara Reed’s Fellowship Award!

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What Wearable Tech Could Mean for the Classroom


Not too long ago, tablets and smartphones were largely viewed as educational scourges — mere distractions responsible for dulling minds and derailing productivity. Now, instead of being shunned completely, these devices are embraced as invaluable tools for meeting the complex, often hard to define needs of digital natives. Undoubtedly, wearable technology is destined to follow suit…Read More

Article by: Aiden Wolfe  (www.Edudemic.com)


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