I Caught You Caring (ICYC)

July 2014 “I Caught You Caring” Card Recipients:

  • Ben Li, (Helpdesk)
  • Haylee Friel (Helpdesk)
  • Vincent King-Spezzo (eLearning)
  • Kinard Thomas (Technical Support)
  • Brian Anderson (Technical Support)
  • Amanda King-Spezzo (eLearning)
  • Sheila Hall (Training & Communication)
  • Joseph Mitchell (Media Services)
  • Kyle Culpepper (Media Services)
  • Na Ding (Enterprise Applications)
  • Annon Beepath (System Operations)
  • Clinton Cauley (Technical Support)
  • Matthew Flannigan (Technical Support)
  • Rex Devane (Media Services)


These members received ICYC cards for providing exceptional service.
To learn more, visit the I Caught You Caring website.



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