Archiving Files Stored on V:\ Drives


VSU Information Technology is implementing an effective and cost-saving storage solution called “Active Archive”—a virtual, tiered file system. Active archiving permits us to store your files on the most appropriate media based on data retention and restoration needs. This allows infrequently modified or accessed files to be stored on less…

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File Sharing and Storage Solutions

Valdosta State University offers you several methods for sharing and storing files. Deciding which method to use depends on factors such as the size of the file, how long it needs to be available, the sensitivity of the content, as well as who will access it and from where. Solutions…

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Valdosta State University now offers FileLocker to VSU faculty, students and staff. This allows you to securely share electronic files through your web browser at:   FileLocker features the ability for users to : –  upload electronic files to a secure, encrypted storage area, store them for a limited amount…

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