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Spotlight: IT Student Assistants Recognized

by Sheila Hall on April 22, 2014 in Spotlight

LightbulbStudent Employee of the Year

Congratulations to the following IT student assistants who were nominated and recognized at the Student Employee of the Year (SEOTY) Program on April 17:

  • Rachel Martin (Training and Communication) – a Top Ten Nominee
  • Benjamin Garcia (Technical Support Services) – a Top Ten Nominee
  • Kinard Thomas (Technical Support Services)
  • Matthew Flannigan (Technical Support Services)
  • Taray Eady (Technical Support Services)

Thank you for your unequivocal work ethics, professionalism, and down-right, hard work.

Spotlight: IT Techs present at VSU Undergraduate Research Symposium

by Sheila Hall on April 15, 2014 in Spotlight

We are very proud of the following IT Techs who presented at the 2014 VSU Undergraduate Research Symposium:

  • Taray Eady
  • Cameron Thomson
  • Chad Lawson
  • Kinard Thomas 

Research Abstracts:

Examines the advances of technologies in the automobile industry that are used to assist drivers. The rapid development of computer and communication technologies has a broad and deep impact on all aspects of our life, including our daily driving. In recent years, various technologies have been developed to allow drivers and vehicles to determine their locations on the map, to display rear views, to diagnose mechanic and electronic problems, to communicate with monitoring and emergency centers, and to prevent vehicle theft. However, most of these technologies have not been integrated together as a driving assistant system to help with tedious driving and to avoid accidents and life losses. This paper reviews various driving aid technologies including Global Positioning Systems (GPS), Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), OnStar, Cruise Control and Wi-Fi with an aim to analyze the need and feasibility to integrate them into a computer assisted driving system.

Undergraduate Research Presenters1
Pictured: Edward Lawson, Kinard Thomas, and Willie Lawrence

Near Field Communication (NFC) is a wireless technology for transmission over shortranges. Because of its ease of use, security and versatility, it has been included in almost all mobile devices being released today. Typical applications of NFC include contactless payment to replace various credit cards, building keys, subway passes and movie tickets. The technology is rapidly growing and various other markets have adopted the use of NFC chips and tags into their products, including appliances and automobiles, for device-to-device communications, data transfer, monitoring and automatic control. However, the use of NFC is still fairly new to many users and thus has had a rough start as a mobile payment system. In this paper, we will explore the many different uses of Near Field Communication today, security risk associated with using this technology and its future.       View NFC Poster

Undergraduate Research Presenters 2
Pictured: Taray Eady and Cameron Thomson

January/February 2014 Super Techs

by Rachel on March 18, 2014 in Spotlight

TSS Assistant Director, Sterlin Sanders, has implemented a new employee recognition program for his area aptly titled the “TSS Super Tech Award.”
Technicians are assessed using a developed rubric emphasizing initiative, professionalism, quality of work, reliability, and uniqueness. Recipients of the award receive a certificate and a $25 gift card.

Taray L. Eady
Taray L. Eady
Top Lead Technician
Taray is a lead technician that performs at the level of a full-time IT staff member. He consistently conducts himself in a professional manner and applies a strong initiative towards handling IT business transactions within Inventory Management. Outside of IT, he is one of the co-founders of the popular mobile app Blazer Nation, which has accumulated over 4000 downloads in less than a year.

Edward C. Lawson
Edward C. Lawson
Top Student Technician
Chad is student technician that has been employed with us for only a year and half but performs at the level of a four-year veteran. He’s a quick thinker with the ability to resolve the most advanced technological issues by using self-guided troubleshooting skills. Chad is always willing to pitch in and help out in other areas of TSS. Outside of IT, Chad is the vice president of the prominent on-campus group Media Arts Geniuses. At the recent Harper Hill event (50 Years of Integration) at the Student Union, his group created a video documentary of the movie actor’s work, which was personally recognized as a job well done by Harper himself.

Quotes (edited) by Sterlin Sanders. Original picture (edited) by Jeff Shipley.

I Caught You Caring (ICYC)

by Rachel on March 17, 2014 in Spotlight

 I Caught You CaringDuring 2013-2014, the following members receivedI Caught You Caring cards for providing exceptional service:

Ryan Beaudry (Formerly Helpdesk)

Philip Bishop (eLearning)

Samantha Bryant (Formerly Helpdesk)

Kyle Culpepper (Media Services)

Bradley Cupp (Media Services)

Rex DeVane (Media Services)

Helpdesk (Team)

Greg Henderson (Applications and Analytics)

Gary Kuhlmann II (IT/Web Services)

Roberto Leal (Media Services)

Benjamin Li (Helpdesk)

Lorrie Proal (IT Administration)

Russell Reese (Helpdesk)

Kanan Simpson (Network Services)

The cards can be completed by anyone to recognize any VSU employee for going the “extra mile.” To learn more about the program, visit the ICYC site.


2014 Employee Recognition

by Rachel on March 17, 2014 in Spotlight

LightbulbCongratulations to the following team members who were honored March 3, 2014, for their continued service and commitment to VSU:

5 Years: Philip Bishop (eLearning), Amanda King-Spezzo (eLearning),
Vincent King-Spezzo (eLearning), Gary Kuhlmann II (Web Services),
Lorrie Proal (IT), and Keisha Roberts (IT)

15 Years: Jeremy Scott (IT)

25 Years: Rex DeVane (Media Services) and Michael Johns (IT)

Spotlight: IT Nationally Recognized

by Sheila Hall on December 18, 2013 in Spotlight

Lightbulb VSU IT was listed not once but twice as Honorees of the “Models of Efficiency” (MOE) national recognition program by the University Business Magazine.  The MOE program showcases colleges and universities that use technology and/or business processes to provide superior service, while maximizing resources.

Be impressed by reading the following published articles:

Winter 2013 Honoree: (Category: Information Technology)
“Information Technology at Valdosta State University: Student Staffing”
~ Joe Newton, Director of Infrastructure Support Services and Chief Technology Officer, highlights improvements made in the training of student assistants.

Spring 2013 Honoree: (Category: Academic Affairs/Student Retention)
Data Warehouse & Enrollment Management at Valdosta State University
~Brian Haugabrook, Interim Chief Information Officer (CIO) and Andy Clark, Interim Vice President for Enrollment, Marketing, and Communications, Interim Director of Strategic Research discuss how developing the Data Warehouse helps VSU take actionable steps in retaining students.


Spotlight: IT Published Article

by Sheila Hall on December 18, 2013 in Spotlight

LightbulbBill Moore, VSU Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), published an intriguing article in CIO Review magazine entitled “Leveling the Playing Field” that addresses the underlying philosophy of working with off-campus service providers; specifically providing a checklist for success in dealing with SaaS (Software as a Service).

Read Bill’s article at http://www.cioreview.com/magazine/Leveling-The-Playing-Field-HIKR363158496.html