TSS Super Tech Award Winners

Asian business man flying on binary number. Fast internet access concept

On November 4, TSS announced its Super Tech Award recipients during its bi-monthly student tech pizza party. Winners received a certificate and $25 cash reward for their outstanding efforts in exhibiting reliability, initiative, professionalism, uniqueness, and quality of work. Previous TSS Super Tech Award Winners have used this recognition to strengthen their résumé and …

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I Caught You Caring (ICYC)

July 2014 “I Caught You Caring” Card Recipients: Ben Li, (Helpdesk) Haylee Friel (Helpdesk) Vincent King-Spezzo (eLearning) Kinard Thomas (Technical Support) Brian Anderson (Technical Support) Amanda King-Spezzo (eLearning) Sheila Hall (Training & Communication) Joseph Mitchell (Media Services) Kyle Culpepper (Media Services) Na Ding (Enterprise Applications) Annon Beepath (System Operations) Clinton Cauley (Technical Support) Matthew Flannigan (Technical Support) …

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January/February 2014 Super Techs

TSS Assistant Director, Sterlin Sanders, has implemented a new employee recognition program for his area aptly titled the “TSS Super Tech Award.” Technicians are assessed using a developed rubric emphasizing initiative, professionalism, quality of work, reliability, and uniqueness. Recipients of the award receive a certificate and a $25 gift card. Taray …

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