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The Pot Thief

by Maureen Puffer-Rothenberg on August 14, 2009 in Odum Library

In J. Michael Orenduff’s first Pot Thief mystery, The Pot Thief Who Studied Pythagoras {BROWSE PS 3615 .R466 P68 2009}, Albuquerque treasure hunter Hubie Schuze is offered $25,000 to steal a rare water jug from a museum– and soon becomes the prime suspect in a similar theft and a related murder.

“In addition to selling traditional Native American pottery, I’m also a pot thief. I don’t like the term, and I don’t think it’s a fair description, but that’s what I am. At least that’s what I’ve been since 1980 when Congress passed the Archaeological Resources Protection Act extending the definition of thievery to cover buried pots on public lands—and who knows more about thievery than Congress?”

Read more excerpts at the Pot Thief Murder Mysteries Web Site.

Check out Hubie’s recipe for pork tacos at the Pot Thief blog.



Culinary mysteries are on the rise, so are cooking shows. The rise of interest in cooking is more than a trend inspired by reality tv shows though – the shows themselves are a reflection of a new cultural undercurrent. As the convenience foods market expands, the high commercial demand seems to have spawned lower-quality products. There is a growing desire among Americans to return to fresh, genuine flavors and ethnic dishes.

mpuffer says:

I think this is not exactly a cooking-themed mystery, more of an archeological one. Although apparently the protagonist also cooks.

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