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Polkabats and Octopus Slacks

by Maureen Puffer-Rothenberg on September 14, 2009 in Odum Library

This year we’ve cataloged too many award-winning children’s books that made us grumpy, all about disappearing ecosystems, abused animals, lost pets and death generally.

We recommend the following instead:

The terrifically silly poems in Polkabats and Octopus Slacks by Calef Brown.


Awesome illustrations and historical weirdness in The Raucous Royals: Test Your Royal Wits, Crack Codes, Solve Mysteries, and Deduce Which Royal Rumors Are True by Carlyn Beccia, for readers age 9 and up. We also have Beccia’s equally awesome alphabet book Who Put the B in Ballyhoo?


Finally, in The Cow That Laid an Egg, Marjorie can’t do a handstand or ride a bike like the other cows, but learns she’s special too when she lays her own egg (with a little help from some sympathetic chickens). Recommended for ages 4-8.



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