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by Laura Wright on September 30, 2009 in (Almost) Daily Photo, Archives & Special Collections

The Leona Hudson Collection was unveiled today in the VSU Archives & Special Collections.

The collection spans a long time frame,  1884-2008, and includes a variety of primary material including Letters and Documents, Photographs and Scrapbooks, and Books and Artifacts.

Deborah Davis, Michael Holt, and many student assistants and volunteers worked to collect, preserve, and make the collection accessible. Many of the letters are indexed individually. The collection can searched via Google, making the information easy for researchers to discover.

Dr. Catherine Oglesby wrote a short biography for Leona Hudson.

Leona’s parents, Rose and William Strickland.

The letters in the collection span four generations!

Leona married Dugald Hudson. They wrote many letters back and forth as he traveled in the Army. Later, they continued to travel the world together.

The Leona Hudson Collection contains materials that are potentially interesting to researchers in Military History, 20th century American and World History,  South Georgia History, Valdosta, Georgia, Women’s Studies, photography, genealogy and many with other interests as well.

The Leona Hudson Collection was given to the VSU Archives and Special Collections by the estate of Leona Hudson in May of 2008. In addition, they gave Archives a grant that paid for the cost of processing the collection.


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