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FACT OR FICTION: Vampires in Odum Library?

by Ginger Williams on August 17, 2010 in Odum Library

Dr. Iva Bitten, a visiting Anthropology professor at VSU, is behaving in a very suspicious manner.  Dr. Bitten is working on an article about vampire culture and is only seen on campus after sunset…

Search the library for clues and use your deductive powers to decide if you think Dr. Bitten has indeed become a vampire.

Join in the mystery.  It’s happening this Friday, August 20th, at 4pm.  Meet in room 1480 on the first floor of the library if you dare.

Dr. Iva Bitten

If you finish the mystery you’ll get free pizza and drinks!  There will also be prizes.  Bring your friends for an afternoon of fun in the library.


Maureen says:

Professor Bitten looks pale . . . and hungry . . .

Mac Whiteman says:

I once bought a rosary from a woman who liked to make such things. Her price was high, and I asked what justified the pricetag. She said “If you buy a rosary from me, I guarantee that will never ever have any sort of problem with or encounter with a vampire!”

So far she has been right. I have had the rosary about 13 years.

I did meet a vampire, I think back around 1975. I was in grad school in DC and my landlord I believe was one of the infamous undead. He “slept” all day and stayed up all night. I once opened the front door early one morning to get a newspaper, and he happened to saunter on by behind me. The sunlight touched is arm, and he screamed and ran up the stairs to his room and the whole time the arm was smoking!

Other that that, no other vampire experience.

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