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More Taxes, More Snakes!

by Emily Rogers on April 11, 2011 in Government Documents, Odum Library, Reference

Which do you fear more, taxes or snakes?

Monday, April 18, 2011, marks the deadline for filing 2010 federal taxes, thanks to a District of Columbia holiday, but you still need to file for state taxes by Friday, April 15. Find links to commonly requested forms and federal publications at 1040 Central.  For the convenience of filing your tax returns electronically, visit the IRS information for e-file page.

We have paper copies of common federal forms and Georgia tax form booklets here at Odum Library, in the Reference area on the second floor.  To find online Georgia state income tax forms and guidance, go to the Georgia Department of Revenue site.  Tax publications from other states are available through this interactive map provided by the Federation of Tax Administrators.

If you’ve already filed your taxes, prepare for spring by learning more about our most misunderstood wildlife: snakes!  Visit our display of books and actual snakes (preserved in jars) from the personal collection of Dr. H. Bernard and Elizabeth Bechtel, on the library’s first floor, down the stairs from the main Circulation desk. Read more about the Bechtels’ recent herpetology book collection donation through our April 1 blog entry, Snakes!

Brown Tree Snake

Brown Tree Snake

We also have state and federal government information about snakes. Enjoy this Snake Fact Sheet from the Georgia Dept. of Natural Resources, Wildlife Resources Division.  Fort Stewart, near Hinesville, Georgia, has prepared a nonvenomous snake guide—including pictures! —for South Georgia.  Is It a Water Moccasin? helps Georgians answer this all-important question. For more information about tax forms, snakes, or print versions of these and other documents, just ask us at the Odum Library Reference Desk!


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