What is Second Life?


Second Life is like a 3-D web site expanded into a virtual world. As an instructor, you can create (or borrow) activities and interactive, immersive simulations that are simply impossible in a “regular” classroom.  In Second Life your students can explore re-creations of London’s Globe Theatre, the Sistine Chapel, simulations of events in the human body, engage in dialog with people from other countries, and much more while they have the feeling of “being there.”

For more information, watch the Second Life introduction video from Linden Labs.

Along with many prestigious universities, Valdosta State University now has a virtual campus in Second Life. VSU recognizes that Second Life is a cost effective way to offer quality distance education. While you will want to use the vastness that is Second Life, you will be able have a home base and your own space for instruction on the VSU Island.