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Preparations for 38th Annual International Dinner

by Loanne Liu on March 4, 2014 in Uncategorized

Every year the Society of International Students(SIS) hosts one of the largest events at Valdosta State University.It is called the International Dinner and this year is the 38th time it is being held. The International Dinner has become an annual event whereby international students attending the school work together to plan and host the event. This year’s theme is Journey around the world, the dinner will be based around the theme of travelling around the world. Food from the four continents: Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas will be served buffet style. While guests eat, they will be entertained with traditional dances, songs and even music performances by international students and student organizations. For this event to be possible, the SIS does fundraising to help cover some expenses. So far the SIS had a Valentine Bake sale whereby Valentine cards written in foreign languages were sold, along with decorated cupcakes.

Valentine Bake Sale

Valentine Bake Sale

This Friday the SIS will have an International Bake sale whereby international treats will be sold. This event is one of a kind because it is student driven, meaning that every part of this event involves students. The money raised goes towards the international student foundation that helps provide opportunities for international students attending Valdosta State University. It is also a night to share diversity and culture with the Valdosta Community. There are many ways in which one can support this wonderful event. One main way to help is by becoming a sponsor of the event, attending the event or participating in the silent auction and raffles during the event. We hope to have a sold out show and once again impress our guests. The International Dinner will be held on March 29 at 6:00 p.m., tickets can be purchased at the Center for International Programs or on March 11 at North Campus and on March 13 at the Student Union on Main Campus at Valdosta State University.
Journey Around the World

Journey Around the World

We would like to thank everyone for being part of such a unique event and we hope to see you all there!For more information visit our facebook page at!


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