About WVVS

Welcome to the college radio station of the BlazeNation.


Broadcasting on air for the first time in 1971, WVVS Blaze FM 90.9 Valdosta  is a fully FCC

licensed non-commerical radio station belonging to Valdosta State University. We receive our

funding from student activity fees. The station offers two formats of music – alternative and

urban – and has a variety of special shows which are hosted by VSU radio djs. With the

exception of a professor as organization supervisor, Blaze FM is completely student driven.

Blaze FM hosts one major event – Blazefest. It is a concert consisting of local music artists

from the Valdosta area. Not only does it highlight Valdosta’ music talent but it also highlights

WVVS Valdosta Blaze FM 90.9’s love for the college atmosphere as the concert is hosted right

on campus. Students may apply to be a dj. All they need to do is keep a gpa of 2.0 or higher

and fill out an application! You don’t have to be a Mass Media major to enjoy DJing on the air.

BlazeFM signed on the air for the first time on July 26th, 1971. The station’s frequency is 90.9

FM. Since 1979 we have been broadcasting at 5300 watts. After a brief hiatus we came back

beaten and bruised at very low power. Currently, we are in the process of returning to an

acceptable broadcast radius. BlazeFM can currently be heard up to 5 miles from the station

studio and offices, which are located on the bottom floor of Hopper Hall.




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