A College Radio DJ’s Blog 6/27/13

Erin and her free Blazefest 2013 tshirt!

Did you know that we have special callers?

Did you know that we have special listeners?

Did you know that we will have a contest called “Find Blaze.”

Through these three facts, YOU could win prize packs (don’t get too worked up, they’re just little gift baggies with cute little stuff that will most likely end up in the junk bin).

If you call in at a certain time while a DJ is on air, YOU might just win a little prize pack!

AND if you show up at the events we babble about, YOU could be a special listener because you actually listened to us and showed up! And this is our way of showing our appreciation for you!

The Local Eclectic and DJ Erin will be participating in such an idea. So listen up when they go on air. Details to come soon!

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