Hang on. Whenever anything starts with “yo,” just know it’s probably me talking/typing. Me equals Claire.


Yo. So EDM, also known as Electronic Dance Music if you want to be difficult, has been surging up up and up in popularity amongst pop culture and music. You got SXSW, EDC, ULTRA, LOLLAPALOOZA, DAYGLOW etc etc. Just google it and there’s probably a festival near YOU.

A summer full of festivals for you and your friends to get crazy at.

And of course you need a festival to be the grand finale to end summer yes? How about…

IMAGINE MUSIC FESTIVAL in Atlanta. It’s on August 30-31st. TWO WHOLE DAYS OF EDM! And its in Atlanta too and word on the social media street is that ATL has been pretty cool for raves and rages and all that stuff. I myself really want to go. It looks like my kinda party. But WVVS Blaze FM wants you to go, too! That’s why, thanks to Iris Presents, we have TWO tickets to giveaway for IMAGINE MUSIC FESTIVAL! EEEEK!

Just go to, send us a message telling us WHY you deserve two tickets to IMF and what it means to get blazed with Blaze FM. We don’t want a novel but hey, the funnier the better.

Here are some links to check out for more information (say that with a french accent) about IMF and ze lineup!

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