IT Nationally Recognized

VSU IT was listed  twice as Honorees of the “Models of Efficiency” (MOE) national recognition program by the University Business Magazine.  The MOE program showcases colleges and universities that use technology and/or business processes to provide superior service, while maximizing resources.


Winter 2013 Honoree
Category: Information Technology
Information Technology at Valdosta State University: Student Staffing

Joe Newton, Director of Infrastructure Support Services and Chief Technology Officer, highlights improvements made in the training of student assistants.

Spring 2013 Honoree
Category: Academic Affairs/Student Retention
Data Warehouse & Enrollment Management at Valdosta State University

Brian Haugabrook, Interim Chief Information Officer (CIO) and Andy Clark, Interim Vice President for Enrollment, Marketing, and Communications, Interim Director of Strategic Research discuss how developing the Data Warehouse helps VSU take actionable steps in retaining students.

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