IT Student Employee Retreat Review

The Student Employee Retreat was held in the Student Union on Oct. 17 with guest speaker: Gala Jackson, VSU alum and CEO of InterviewSnob.

Brian Haugabrook, CIO, and Sterlin Sanders, AD for TSS, welcomed IT student employees as well as Math/CS students and introduced the guest speaker.

Gala discussed how to brand yourself  in order to land your aspiring job.

The presentation was extremely helpful and relevant and emphasized the concept of 3D Branding: Document, Digital footprint, and Demeanor.

Jonathon McCraney, IT student tech, provided his feedback on the event:

Even though I was only able to attend one hour out of the two two-hour information sessions presented by Ms. Jackson from InterviewSnob, I feel like I have gained some useful information in regards to the job-finding process using the tools of the 21st Century. One of the things I was very pleased to learn was that every social media account that you maintain must represent only one. Getting rid of unprofessional or offensive material posted on your social media account is important to reflect your professionalism to the company you are working for. Overall, this was a very informative session for me to attend.

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