Increased Bandwidth in Residence Halls

Valdosta State University residents can now enjoy faster Internet – including better quality, high resolution video streaming – with the recent upgrade to the wireless network in residence halls. The upgrade is one of many projects that represent the Division of Information Technology’s commitment to improving the student experience by providing fast, reliable access to innovative technology solutions.

Information Technology has increased the bandwidth in residence halls from 900 to 1300 megabits (1.3 GB). The upgrade also increased the output of the caching device, Peer App, which is used to speed up the delivery of commonly watched videos (i.e., Netflix) and commonly accessed webpages by delivering it locally instead of repeatedly pulling from the Internet.

Techie facts about the upgrade:

  • The upgrade took place at 4:25 pm on Jan. 26.
  • The PeerApp conserved on average an additional 20 megabits before the upgrade.
  • The PeerApp now conserves on average an additional 120 megabits after the upgrade.
  • Typical peak residence (wireless) Internet usage is between the hours of 12 p.m. (noon) and 1 a.m. (the next day).

Great job Isaac Barton (EIS assistant director), Rocky Rothwell (network services specialist), and Moe Mondesir (information security specialist)!

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