Archiving Files Stored on V:\ Drives

VSU Information Technology is implementing an effective and cost-saving storage solution called “Active Archive”—a virtual, tiered file system. Active archiving permits us to store your files on the most appropriate media based on data retention and restoration needs. This allows infrequently modified or accessed files to be stored on less expensive media (i.e., magnetic tape), and eliminates the need for an administrator to manually transfer data between storage systems1saving VSU thousands of dollars.

So what does all this mean for you? You may notice a slight increase in the time it takes to retrieve your older files (those that are two years or older) that have a gray ‘x’ icon Active Archive Gray X icon located to the left of them that are stored at the V:\depts or V:\mydocs locations. With a little patience (no need to click repeatedly on icon), your files will be restored and ready for you to work your magic on them.

To learn more about active archiving and the different file storage solutions VSU IT offers faculty, staff, and students, please visit

Or if you have questions, you may contact IT Helpdesk at 229-333-HELP (4357) or email


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