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FindTime is a new and integrated meeting scheduling solution that is an add-in to Microsoft Outlook Desktop and Office 365-Web App.

FindTime helps make scheduling meetings easier by allowing attendees, including those outside of VSU, to choose and vote on the event date and time that works best for them. After voting, FindTime will send notifications and automatically place meeting dates on your calendar. 

Although similar to other scheduling tools such as Doodle, FindTime offers the following advantages:

  1. You don’t have to have a Google account or setup any account because FindTime is integrated into what we already use here at VSU, Outlook and Office 365 Web app. Only the meeting organizer needs a Microsoft Exchange account, which all VSU employees and students have by default.
  2. FindTime allows invitees to propose a new time. In addition to choosing from a list of proposed dates/times provided by the organizer, the invitee can also suggest meeting times.
  3. FindTime populates dates based on your actual calendar free/busy data and of those outside of our organization. This makes it much easier for the organizer to choose plausible dates.
  4. No ads! Just a clean simple interface that’s easy to use and understand.

To Get Started Using FindTime:

Initially, you may need to restart Outlook Desktop or log back into Office 365 in order for the add-in to be visible.

To begin using FindTime, just compose a new email message using Outlook Desktop or Office 365 Web app and click on the appropriate icon listed below:

  • Outlook 2013: Apps for Office icon
  • Outlook 2016: New Meeting Poll icon
  • For Outlook on the Web (Office 365): Add-ins icon
  • For Outlook for Mac: FindTime button

View the FindTime guide for complete steps and details. You can also find the guide online at VSU IT Website

If you need additional assistance after reviewing the guide, you may contact IT Helpdesk by calling 229-245-HELP (4357) or sending email to from your account.

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