Two-Factor Implementation (2FA)

Something you know plus something you have2FA + MyVSU for VSU Employees

Learn how to setup and use 2FA

VSU Information Technology will now implement an advanced security method known as Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) that helps to protect your identity and safeguard sensitive academic and financial information when you log into your MyVSU account. Beginning the week of April 3, IT Workgroups enrolled VSU faculty and retirees into the two-factor authentication (2FA) enforcement group.

With 2FA, you will need to verify your identity by (1) knowing something and (2) possessing something. An example of 2FA in action is when you attempt to login to your MyVSU account, you could be sent a text message to your cell phone (possession) that includes a special access code (knowledge) that must be confirmed before you can log in to your account. With this method, even if someone else knows your password, s/he cannot gain access without knowing the code.

For detailed information, visit the 2FA webpage.

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