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Use alt text on images

Alt text provides a text alternative for images that can be read by screen reader software.

Alt text should be relevant, but succinct in relation to the body text around it. Phrases like “Image of…” or “Picture of…” are unnecessary.

How do I add Alt text to the images of my pages in Cascade Server?

Once an image is selected to insert into the body of your page, the Alternative Text field is required to fill out before clicking “Update”.

Cascade Server Insert/Edit Image Box

Establish headers for tables

Tables that contain data need specified table headers in order to help make the content more accessible for users with screen reader software.

How do I add table headers to tables of my pages in Cascade Server?

Build out your table with the structure of the data in mind. In the case below, the top row is the header row that labels the data in the columns.


Using your cursor, highlight the header row. All cells should be highlighted completely.


Right click within one of the highlighted cells. In the pop up menu, go to Cell > Table Cell Properties.


In the Table Cell Properties box, go to the Cell Type select menu and select Header.


Next, go to the bottom select menu (above the Update button) and select Update All Cells in Row. Click Update.


Now the top row is formatted to be a table heading row. This is visually indicated by the text becoming bold.


 Provide captions for video content

Captions should be provided and synchronized whenever video content is used.

How do I add captions to video on my website?

Web Services recommends uploading video content to Youtube and then embedding the video into the body of the web page.

Youtube’s automatic captioning is typically inaccurate, but can be easily edited within Youtube’s interface. Please contact Web Services for assistance on uploading Youtube video, editing captioning, and embedding video onto a web page.


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