Department Site Template Updates

This week we rolled out updates for most department site templates on the main website. Changes in the update include:

  • Updated header/footer – These match the header and footer that were introduced on the new homepage.
  • Larger body fonts – Fonts are now larger with improved line height and margins.
  • Improved visibility on hyperlinks – Links are now blue and stand out in content.
  • Mobile improvements – The header on mobile takes up less room and department menus can be toggled by the menu icon in the top right corner.

The template updates were rolled out for the following templates:

  • Department 1 Sidebar Pages
  • Department 2 Sidebar Pages
  • Department Gallery Pages
  • Department Our Team Pages
  • Department No Sidebar Pages

Other template updates (college landing pages, special one off templates, etc) will be planned and rolled out in the coming months.

Please let Web Services know if you have any questions by emailing us at

Updated department template example, September 2015.
Updated department template example, September 2015.

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