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Which Do You Fear the Most . . .

by Maureen Puffer-Rothenberg on August 10, 2009 in Neat Stuff, Odum Library

The failure of capitalism, or an attack by space aliens?

This week Slate.com offers “Choose Your Own Apocalypse,” a nifty little feature where you can speculate about how all America’s infrastructures might fail.

Learn about 144 possible worst-case scenarios!

Could the Southwestern U.S. run out of water?

Will we lose our competitive edge due to rampant obesity?

Get a quick take on your worldview based on your choices at Slate, and speculate along with the experts (and the not-so-expert) on Facebook and Twitter.

(Almost) Daily Photo

by Laura Wright on August 10, 2009 in Odum Library

Today I reveal the Super Top Secret Entrance to Odum Library!

During the first phase of the renovation the usual north entrance is closed for safety. You may see construction workers walking in and out but we ask that visitors use the temporary entrance downstairs.

Closed for Renovation

Closed for Renovation

The first floor entrance, directly below the main entrance, is now open. Just go down the stairs.

The second floor entrance is also closed from the inside of the building.