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ProQuest Changes on December 16th!

by Jeffrey Gallant on December 15, 2010 in Odum Library

On Thursday, December 16th, our ProQuest resources will receive an ultimate makeover.

New Proquest Image

Gone are the ugly shades of yellowish-orange in favor of a clean, blue user interface that’s so 2011. ProQuest databases are now more accessorized with a new Subject Areas field that lets you browse the site by topic. You can also filter your search results list from the right side – if you’ve used an EBSCO database, this will look familiar. The new ProQuest has a very Google-esque Article Preview also: mouse-over the article of your choice, and you’ll get more information about the article before you even make one left-click.

What am I doing describing this, anyway? There’s a demo right on the ProQuest site. Check it out: New ProQuest Platform Demo


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