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Need another class for your spring schedule?

by Ginger Williams on November 4, 2011 in Odum Library

Why not take one of the classes taught by your very own reference librarians? We’re offering two different courses this spring:

LIBS 1000: Introduction to Library Research (1 credit) is an all-online class that will teach you the research skills you need to find great information for all of your research papers. As the Undergraduate Catalog describes it, this course is “[d]esigned to promote an awareness of Valdosta State University Library Services and general information resources, including the role of information in society, research skills, the Internet, and critical thinking skills” (p. 381). The CRN is 22572. This course will be taught by Ginger Williams.

PERS 2750: Exploring the Information Society (2 credits) is “[a]n exploration of information, examining how it is generated, evaluated, organized, and used. Students investigate the impact of information in society from regional, national, and global perepective with a focus on the political, economic, and ethical aspects” (p. 415). The CRN for this course is 22573. This course will be taught by Jeffrey Gallant and Michael Holt.


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