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Gobble up a good book!

by Ginger Williams on November 18, 2011 in Odum Library

We know it’s crunch time around VSU. You still have several papers to write and finals to prepare for. Hopefully, though, you’ll get to see your family for Thanksgiving and have a chance to relax a bit.

Of this fact we are (almost) certain: you are not a robot.

Robot superimposed with a red "no" slash.

Robots love to work; that’s what they’re made to do. But people like you (and me) need some leisure time. We can’t just work non-stop. Yes, you should get some work done on your papers over Thanksgiving if you can bear it. At the end of the semester you’ll be glad you did. Let your brain relax some, too, and read something just for fun!

Did you know that Odum Library has a whole collection of popular books that we purchase just so you’ll have something fun to read every now and again? From murder mysteries to romance novels and even the latest political propaganda “non-fiction”, we don’t care what you read. We just want you to check out a book and enjoy yourself. Think about something other than your grades for a few hours, your brain will thank you.

If you can’t find something you like in our popular collection (which is on the main floor by the copy room, by the way), head over to South Georgia Regional Library (SGRL) and browse their books, too. With their PINES system you can borrow popular books from all over the state. So if you’re dying to get your hands on Men who Knit and the Dogs who Love Them, SGRL can make that happen!


heh heh. Political non-fiction.

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