E.P. Battle of the Blocks

From September 16, 2014

The Exercise Physiology Major’s Club is a departmental club with our primary goal being “To provide a student governed environment for developing professional and social relationships in the Exercise Sciences field and to promote “Exercise is Medicine” throughout the community. ”

Battle of the Blocks is an event where EP students from each “block” team up and engage in friendly competition. It is composed of three different events (Kickball,Cornhole,Dodgeball); these events incorporate physical activity as well as team bonding. The purpose is to interact with fellow classmates as well as with students in different progressions of the major. This gives the students in 1st block a chance to get advice and feedback on what is expected of an exercise physiology major.

In the spring we plan to continue the tradition of the “Exercise is Medicine” Symposium. This event allows health and fitness professionals to educate the community on the importance of wellness in their respective fields.  Our club will also have a team participating in both the AHA Heart walk on October 25th as well as Relay for Life in April. We are in the process of turning Valdosta State University into an “Exercise is Medicine” Campus.

-Tayler Thatcher (EP Club President) and Teresa Emerson (EP Club Secretary/Treasurer)

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  1. It’s important for common people have a physical and mental health in order to battle the blocks.

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