Amy V. Cockcroft Leadership Fellows


The Amy V. Cockcroft Leadership Program is a prestigious and competitive nursing leadership program. Fellow candidates are trained by nationally recognized   leaders in the fields of Nursing, Health Care, and Public Policy.

Some of the qualifications to considered for admission are:

  • Minimum of a Master’s degree in nursing or a Baccalaureate degree in Nursing actively pursuing a masters or doctorate degree
  • Signature endorsement from official agency or institution sponsor
  • Letter of recommendation showing evidence of potential to advance in leadership positions
  • Commitment to complete a leadership project as part of the program
  • Financial support from personal resources or sponsorship from an institution, organization or other benefactor

Looking Back

Last year two of our faculty we admitted and completed the program.

Congratulations to Dr. James Holland and Laura Carter!

james_holland carter_laura

To find out more about the Amy V. Cockcroft Fellows click here.

Looking Ahead

Recently, Dr. Bonni Cohen was admitted into the program.

Congratulations to Dr. Cohen, our Associate Dean of Nursing!








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