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The Neglected Books Page

by Maureen Puffer-Rothenberg on June 28, 2010 in Odum Library

The Neglected Books Page offers reviews, excerpts, reader recommendations, and background information on “thousands of books that have been neglected, overlooked, forgotten, or stranded by changing tides in critical or popular taste.”


Soccer Unites the World

by Maureen Puffer-Rothenberg on June 21, 2010 in Odum Library

Ask in Reference to see a large map from National Geographic, with pie charts, diagrams and illustrations showing

Percentages of participation in soccer by populations of North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and Africa

How the modern game developed over time

Economics of soccer in comparison with other team sports

Characteristic plays by teams from Brazil, Germany, Italy, and England

Dribbling moves

Construction of the soccer ball

You can also check out books from Odum Library that will help you learn to play soccer or polish your technique.

IT Help Desk

by Laura Wright on June 18, 2010 in (Almost) Daily Photo, Odum Library

When you need IT Help, these are the people to talk to.

The IT Help Desk is located on the second floor, next to the main circulation desk, and they are online, http://www.valdosta.edu/helpdesk/, too!

Check out IT’s online guide to the new email system, Live@VSU.

Bigfoot: The Life and Times of a Legend

by Maureen Puffer-Rothenberg on June 18, 2010 in Odum Library

Joshua Blu Buhs’ Bigfoot: the Life and Times of a Legend is an exhaustive look at our pursuit of Sasquatch and the beast’s place in popular culture. Buhs isn’t so much interested in whether Sasquatch is real as in why we care.

Visit Buhs’ Web page for links to reviews, commentary and amusing illustrations.

Read Florence Williams’ review “Be Very Afraid” in the New York Times’ Sunday Book Review.


Anywhere Access

by Laura Wright on June 16, 2010 in Odum Library

Log into Anywhere Access to get the current GALILEO password and to access the databases from off-campus.

How do you log into Anywhere Access?

Your BlazeVIEW username and password are not the same as your new email username and password.

If your email is mlibrarian@valdosta.edu, then your BlazeVIEW username is mlibrarian.

The passwords are completely unrelated, although you can choose to use the same password for both email and BlazeVIEW.

YouTube Friday

by Laura Wright on June 11, 2010 in Odum Library

Librarians do Gaga!

New email password and user name

by Laura Wright on June 10, 2010 in Odum Library

VSU has a new email system!

The next time you visit the BlazeNet page it will instruct you to go here and give you instructions for logging into your new email account.

You need to login to the new email system with your new username and password.

In our example,  Marion O. Librarian needs to know her

  • Year of birth: 1966
  • Initials, capitalized: ML
  • VSU ID#: XXXXX1234  X

The first time she logs in she will use

  • her new username: mlibrarian@valdosta.edu
  • her first time use password: 1966ML1234

The first time she logs in the password is her year of birth, followed by her capitalized initials and then the last four digits of her VSU ID number. The system will immediately ask her to create a new password.

If you have questions you can always contact the IT Help Desk.

(Almost) Daily Photo

by Laura Wright on June 9, 2010 in Odum Library

What’s on your TBR (to be read) pile?

The Browsing Collection has greatly increased the height of my TBR pile.

Sir Patrick Stewart as Shylock

by Maureen Puffer-Rothenberg on June 3, 2010 in Odum Library

The distinguished (and recently Knighted) stage actor Sir Patrick Stewart (Caption Picard of the USS Enterprise) can be seen here in rehearsal as Shylock in The Merchant of Venice, and discussing the role here.

You can find vintage performance and documentary footage at Theatre in Video— for instance an interview with Sean O’Casey, or Meryl Streep in a full-length 1981 performance of Elizabeth Swados’ Alice at the Palace.


Reading 'Sex and the City'

by Maureen Puffer-Rothenberg on June 3, 2010 in Odum Library

Reading Sex and the City is a collection of essays about the popular TV show.

“The book covers a wide array of topics, such as the symbiotic relationship between fashion and costume, and historical representations (by Woody Allen and Theodore Dreiser, among others) of single New York women. Some writers criticize the show’s image of men and the instances of lesbian homoeroticism, claiming both detract from the celebration of women, sex and gay life. Others enjoy walking in Carrie’s Manolo Blahniks.”–Publishers Weekly