About Us

Our Mission

  • Provide a forum where undergraduate and graduate students alike can establish contact with HR professionals.
  • Introduce students considering a career in the business arena to HR management.
  • Act as a resource where members can seek job shadowing, internships, and employment opportunities.

Objectives – 2014

  • Hold executive meetings twice per year
  • Conduct a minimum of four (4) member meetings per semester.
  • Participate in a minimum of two (2) community events (e.g., philanthropic) each year.
  • Create yearly checklists for current executive members and future executive members.
  • Assist in the organization of one professional event within the community.

GOALS – 2014

  • Successfully execute a chapter fundraising event
  • Recruit – increase group membership
  • Increase communication among members
  • Gain an understanding of new member goals