Sponge Guide v3

In Nov. 2014, we published the 3rd edition of the Sponge Guide.  The new guide now contains over 2,100 images from 230 species morphs.

One momentous addition to the guide, thanks to work by Sven Zea, is the addition of composite images of skeletal structures in 49 species morphs.

Check out the latest edition of the guide online at http://www.spongeguide.org

And read more about the guide in our write up at Reef Encounters: http://coralreefs.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/Reef-Encounter-March-2015-FINAL2-HIGH-RES.pdf

You can also find a review of the guide by Cristina Diaz in the same issue of Reef Enounter.


Zea, S., Henkel, T.P. and Pawlik, J.R. 2015. The sponge guide: Interactive photographic online guide to the identification of Caribbean sponges. Reef Encounter, 30: 25-28.

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