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SmartPath Core Courses Begin Fall 2016

by Kathy Sundin on June 2, 2016 in BlazeVIEW D2L, Online Programs, SmartPath Core, The Center for eLearning

Valdosta State University’s SmartPath Core empowers you to reach your college goals, no matter where you live or the pace you choose for your studies. With SmartPath Core, you will have all the tools and resources of a established university at your fingertips.

Here, all paths lead to success

There are no speed limits on your path. Whether you are a high school student earning core college credits before you graduate, a parent continuing your education or a college student studying off campus, our flexibility meets your life. You can count on your courses and faculty being ready when you are. Here, the journey and the destination are equally important.

With VSU SmartPath Core, the shortest distance between two points can also be the smartest.

By enrolling in our online SmartPath Core courses, you won’t ever have to worry about courses filling up, and you’ll always be taught by highly qualified, dedicated faculty from Valdosta State University. Now, it’s in your hands to take the path that gets you there. Set your goals, pick your path, and make SmartPath Core work for you.

What is SmartPath Core?

VSU’s SmartPath Core offers a direct path to online core courses that allow you to complete your core coursework for a bachelor’s degree in a non-science major in as little as three semesters of enrollment. SmartPath Core isn’t just online core courses, it lets you set a clear map and path from the beginning to the end of your core requirements, leading you seamlessly into a VSU online or on-campus degree program.

For more information, visit the SmartPath Core website.