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Newly Acquired Manga

by Maureen Puffer-Rothenberg on March 24, 2009 in Odum Library

We have nine volumes of Sho Fumimura’s Sanctuary available to check out. It’s the story of two friends who take different paths in life– one to become a Yakuza boss and the other a struggling politician.

The call number for Sanctuary is PN 6728 .F86 S36. That’s on the Library’s third floor, in the older part of the building– near classroom #3270 and study room #3629. If you need help finding any call number, just ask.

You can read other manga online (including Fumimura’s Fist of the North Star) at One Manga.


Sanctuary Volume 1

Akira Hojo

Akira Hojo


Hey says:

Anime is ok and all, but does this library have any video games?

Maureen Puffer-Rothenberg says:

Generally, the library owns whatever the teaching faculty has asked us to buy– to help you complete class assignments and do research for your courses.

Ergo, no video games, unless your professors think they support your curriculum.

Sometimes people donate books (or videos or whatever) to the library. That’s why we’ve added a bunch of graphic novels this year.

Thanks for your comment. Cheers,
Maureen Puffer-Rothenberg, Catalog Librarian

mpuffer says:

Apparently he changed his name to “Buronson” after Charles Bronson, the tough macho he-man American actor. It does tie in nicely with his themes (grimy life on the street).

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